Meet the Science Teaching Fellows


Ines Rauschenbach, Ph.D., Rutgers University (STF Fellow 2013-2014)

"I have had the opportunity to participate in the Science Teaching Fellowship that is offered through ASM. I had applied for this program to increase my knowledge and practice in course design as well as creating learning outcomes and assessment projects. After the workshops, for the first time, I had finally understood how to write good learning outcomes and create meaningful activities and assessments. The support and feedback that I had received was meaningful and motivating. The program instilled confidence that I can change the way that we deliver the content of a course to a more student-centered approach. Working closely with my teaching assistants, we have now created an inquiry-based learning environment and assessment has shown that students are better able to apply and explain concepts present in the lab. The best part of the program is that you not only learn more about assessment, learning outcomes, and course design, you become part of a teaching community." 

Veronica A. Segarra, Ph.D., High Point University (STF Fellow 2012-2013)
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"Through the BWF ASM STF program I learned how one can actively, systematically and objectively approach one's teaching skills as to make them more effective and successful. I had always limited myself to think that a good teacher was generally the product of lots of time and experience in the classroom. While I continue to think experience helps make a good teacher, I now know that the road to excellence in teaching can be smoothened and shortened if one approaches one's teaching as one would an experiment at the bench. For this reason, my understanding of teaching has broadened, which has ultimately allowed me to approach my teaching in new ways. I have also become part of a thriving community of educators and peers that I can go to for help and advice."

Laura MacDonald, Ph.D., Hendrix College (STF Fellow 2012-2013)
"As a graduate student at an RO1 institution, I had limited teaching resources and opportunities, but knew that my long term goal was to work at a primarily undergraduate institution. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been accepted to the ASM-BWF Science Teaching Fellows program. Through STF, I learned how to create a student-centered learning environment centered around a set of well-developed learning objectives. STF was my first introduction to formative and summative assessment and ultimately led me to the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (CUE). Following graduate school, I immediately taught two full courses and feel strongly that my STF experience was the reason my first semester teaching was successful. I also developed strong relationships with others in my STF cohort which has led to collaborations in education research. I cannot say enough about the importance STF has had on pursuing and meeting my goals as an educator."